Donation Ideas for Women’s Shelters, Homeless Shelters and Anyone in a Challenging Situation

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As a survivor of a lifetime of domestic violence, I have always found comfort in giving back to others. Creating my charity Project Kristin Cares four years ago was a very big part of my healing process. Combining my business, charity and platform allows me to spread awareness and even give my customers the ability to give back just by supporting my brand. You may already know that with Project Kristin Cares, we donate a portion of every sale from the Kristin Omdahl brand, to help survivors of domestic violence. We donate the Be So Helpful Bags to women’s shelters, and  directly help individual survivors when we can. If you know a shelter you would like us to help, please encourage them to apply here: Project Kristin Cares. On that page, there is also an extensive list of shelters, in case you or someone you love needs to find help.

Earlier this month, I donated Be So Helpful Bags to the actual women’s shelter where I had abuse counseling seven years ago. That is when I ended my LAST domestic violence relationship. It was bittersweet walking past the door to the shelter, and then walking through the second door to the counseling area. I walked through the door with my big box and smiled and greeted the women waiting on their counseling appointments. I remember sitting there once myself. It felt so good to come full circle and find a way to give back. I am so proud of my Be So Helpful Bags and the comfort they will provide people in need.

The Be So Helpful Bags are full of wonderful essentials for anyone in a challenging situation. I curated this collection with comfort in mind. And the big foldable bag I chose is large enough to accompany any other items. Sometimes I add a handmade item like a hat or scarf to the bags. If you would like to purchase Be So Helpful Bags to give to people in your area, you could add handmade items to your gift or donation, too.

Be So Helpful Bag

Be So Helpful Bag



If you’re looking for even more ideas on how to help those in need, here are 13 items to consider donating to a local women’s shelter or adding to a Be So Helpful Bag to give to anyone in need:

1. Bras and sports bras

2. Underwear

3. Socks

4. Toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo, pony tail holders, hair brushes, etc.)

5. Pads and tampons

6. Pajamas

7. Diapers and wipes

8. Cosmetics and nail polish – these items can help some women feel more confident for job interviews, or in general

9. Bus passes and gas cards

10. Pre-paid cell phones for emergency calls and job interview call backs

11. Be So Clean Soap for hand washing your clothes on the go. We include a small travel size bottle in every Be So Helpful Bag.

12. Coloring books, crayons, books and small toys to quietly entertain children

13. Journals for writing. Writing is so therapeutic all the time, let along during trying times of our lives. we include a Create Share Inspire Journal in every Be So Helpful Bag.

Clearance sections of most stores are a great resource, too. You wouldn’t believe how often I find bras for $1 when I’m not looking for a specific size!

Looking for more ideas or inspiration?

I (Kristin Omdahl) am the best-selling author of 19 how-to craft books; TV personality; curator of gorgeous and thoughtful products for her Kristin Omdahl Brand; and producer of educational and inspirational videos. I am the founder of Project Kristin Cares and donate Be So Helpful Bag with a portion of the proceeds from every item sold monthly from my shop, including 100% of the proceeds of my newest book, Be So Caring. I understand that working together we can help fellow survivors of domestic violence. 2020 is the 16th anniversary of my business this year!

From humble beginnings learning to knit and crochet while pregnant with her son 18 years ago, I has been involved in nearly every aspect of the fiber industry.  I was the crochet expert on “Knitting Daily TV” for 10 seasons and now am a knitting expert on the PBS show, “Knit and Crochet Now”. I am also the host of an award winning and popular YouTube Channel where I teach knitting and crochet, interact with my audience with regular questions and answers, and so much more.

I host a livestream podcast Monday – Friday on my YouTube Channel called Create Share Inspire Podcast. You can join the audience LIVE and even ask me questions LIVE! I often do a show and tell or quick demo and I always interact with the live audience. It is a lot of fun!

You can browse through over 600 previously recorded episodes HERE: Create Share Inspire Podcast Playlist.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get reminders when the next episode airs LIVE. I also created a private Facebook group called Create Share Inspire to allow my audience to continue the podcast party throughout the rest of the day. It is a wonderful and safe place to share your photos of finished projects in my knitting or crochet patterns or yarns, and to see what others are making, too. I would like to invite you to join this private group Create. Share. Inspire on Facebook where you can interact with me as well as many other members who have a love of knitting and crochet just like you!

Let us make time to create, share and inspire – today and every day! xoxo, Kristin Omdahl

Be So Helpful Bag

Be So Helpful Bag



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