A Knitting Wrapsody by Kristin Omdahl

Designer Kristin Omdahl is one of the most innovative designers working today, and in this collection, she showcases her signature motif designs and experimental construction in 18 original patterns—five scarves, six wraps, five shawls, and two skirts—that provide new ways to think about knitting pieces that wrap, drape, or tie.

Unlike other wrap books, this collection offers some ingenious ways for wrapping your knitting, whether around the neck, shoulders, or waist. The designs for these garments are just what knitters are hungry for—inspirational, creative patterns that advance skills, explore shape and silhouette, and are beautiful to wear year-round.

All of the garments incorporate interesting elements, from reversible stitch patterns and unique knitted edgings to interesting closures. Each project is knitted, but much of the aesthetic draws inspiration from the geometry, motifs, and techniques of crochet.

Some of the techniques are quite unusual and readers will benefit from watching the enclosed DVD to see some of them demonstrated before casting on for a project.

With her passionate attention to stitch detail and one-of-a-kind motif designs, Kristin offers a wide range of projects in A Knitting Wrapsody for a variety of skill levels and time commitments. Expand your wardrobe with bold, stylish shapes and add form-flattering pieces perfect for layering.

Table of Contents

  I Do Diamond Lace Scarf
  Nerina Ruched and Ruffled Scarf
  Lucky Clover Reversible Scarf with Four-Petal Cutouts
  Melange Crochet-Look Scarf
  Echo Reversible Drop-Stitch Mobius
  Anouk Leather-Laced Raglan Cape
  Sand Dollar Belted Lace Cape
  Infinity Cardi-Wrap with Sleeves
  Tree of Life Embroidered Ruana
  Rings of Cables Oval Shrug
  Summit American Yak Wrap
  Lelani Flower Motif Shawl
  Serpentine Reversible Shawlette
  Tama Bead-Trimmed Seashell Shawlette 
  Warrior Wings Cinched-Edge Shawl
  Tide Pool Spiral Lace Shawl
  Flamenco Ruffled Drawstring Skirt
  Arcelia Gypsy Wrap Skirt