Crea Comparte Inspira Cuaderno, Volume I, Issue 1

Crea Comparte Inspira Cuaderno, Volume I, Issue 1


Crea Comparte Inspira Cuaderno, Volumen I, Periódico 1 es una revista de auto-exploración diseñada para ayudar a los lectores a nutrir su creatividad, gratitud y automotivación. Ayuda a los lectores a reconectarse con su yo interno a través de la soledad, la introspección y la contemplación de lo que es realmente importante para ellos. En este diario, tiene la flexibilidad de escribir las fechas de entrada y no sentirse culpable si se pierde un día. Incluye citas inspiradoras diarias de escritores, artistas y otros visionarios a lo largo de la historia, junto con una página diaria para escribir y reflexionar. ¡Toma una copia para un amigo y comparte el viaje!

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I feel so much more confident and in control of my life when I focus my awareness on the present moment, and assess my feelings calmly in conjunction with my gratitude and my goals. Recording and documenting your ideas is very important in the creative process. As you gain confidence you may find your creative thoughts bringing you closer to a happier life.
Journaling contributes to evoking mindfulness, healing, achieving goals, strengthening self-discipline, and improving memory and comprehension. Gratitude, when combined with journaling, greatly strengthens these benefits. 
I believe human beings are more alike than they are different. During my lifelong quest for inspiration, I have discovered that throughout history there have been amazing people who agree with me.
I hope you enjoy the quotations I curated for this notebook. May they spark your inspiration as you begin to write each day. The theme for Volume I, Issue 1 is love. Unconditional love of self is the foundation from which all other love grows. Having faith in yourself is the key to unconditional love. Even if it has been a long time since you were kind to yourself, it only takes one moment, one thought, one act of kindness, to begin. So let's get started.
Let us make time to create, share and inspire today and every day. 

xoxo, Kristin

Kristin Omdahl is committed to helping fellow survivors of domestic violence and shedding light on this frightening, hidden crime in our society. In an attempt to achieve these goals and help eradicate domestic violence, Kristin will donate a portion of the proceeds from this book and all Kristin Omdahl products to the fund she established: Project Kristin Cares.

All funds collected by Project Kristin Cares will be donated to help survivors of domestic violence.

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