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Cabbage Soup FREE Recipe

When I get fed up after I've yo-yo'ed back up to the heavier side of my weight scale, I always make a big batch of cabbage soup (aka Dolly Parton Diet Soup when I was a kid) to kick start my diet/exercise regime. It always makes me wonder, though: If I made it more regularly would I ever yo-yo up to the heavier side of my weight? Hmmm, food for thought. 
Anyway, I started exercising regularly, cutting out the stupid things from my diet, and decided a big batch of my favorite cabbage soup was in order today. The basic ratio of lots of broth to any veggies I am in the mood for, is my basic recipe. However, here is the exact version I made today. Enjoy!!

Kristin's Cabbage Soup FREE Recipe

(2) bottles of low sodium V-8 juice
(2) boxes of low sodium chicken stock
(1) head of cabbage shredded
(4) carrots chopped
(4) ribs of celery chopped
(1) onion chopped
8oz package of mushrooms
(3) corn cobs, chopped from the cob
(2) chopped sweet peppers (I used one yellow and one red)

Throw everything in a pot and cook on medium low for an hour. That's it!!! Eat it to your heart's content. I'm pretty sure its considered ZERO points for WW and if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. I eat it before every meal and for every snack until it's gone. Its usually good for losing a few pounds every time to do it. Enjoy!

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