Week 1 of Transformation


I’m one week into my transformation and already look and feel better! These shorts looked sloppy on me before. I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist this week and I think it shows a little bit.

Beginning measurements: Bust 41”, waist 37”, hips 41”, 185 lbs

Week 1 measurements: Bust 41”, waist 34”, hips 41”, 182 lbs

So far I have been going to the gym for cardio every day. And weight lifting 3 days a week. For cardio, I am doing a brisk walk on the treadmill to stay in my fat burning zone heart rate. It is so important to stay in the right heart rate zone when doing cardio. If you want to burn fat, it’s imperative to figure out your zone. Here is the math: 220 minus your age, then multiplied by 60 and 70% to find your zone range. I’m 46 years oil so here’s my zone:

220 - 46 = 174

174 x 0.6 = 121.8

174 x 0.7 = 104.4

So I try to maintain a heart range range of 104 - 122 during all of my cardio sessions.

And for weights I do a leg day, a back/bicep day, and a shoulder/chest/tricep day. These generally run about 30 - 40 minutes long. I kept my weights extremely light this week since I haven’t been back to the gym in a long time. Some exercises I stared with 2.5 lbs!

Just as important as what I do in the gym, is what I put in my body. I’ve only begun working on my food prep and will share more information with you as I change it, but this week I focused on a protein shake for breakfast and two meals of lean protein, green leafy veggies and a whole food carb (rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes and avocados).

While juggling my business, my son and adding this new commitment into my life, time has been a challenge this week! I was overly tired the first few days but by day 5 I discovered renewed energy and optimist that I didn’t have before. While my energy lagged the first few days, I listened to my body! The most important part of self care is to listen to YOU! I took naps and breaks when needed. I knew it was going to be temporary so I tried to not dwell on it too much or get upset with myself. I kept focusing on how much good I was doing for my health instead.

I expected to see bigger results in my first set of progress photos and did not. But I am so hopeful that by the second or third week the results will start to be more visual.

If you have any questions for me, please feel welcome to leave them for me in the comments!