Be So Bold Yarn

Be So Bold Yarn


This is a buttery soft, organic cotton and bamboo blended yarn. It is a #4 medium, worsted weight yarn. Kristin hand paints this yarn in gorgeous, variegated colorways in her studio in Bonita Springs, Florida. These are limited edition, small batch colorways, inspired by the whims of Kristin's creative mind. Kristin dyes these beauties with low water immersion, an eco-friendly technique.

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Ava's Isle D'Amour: Inspired by the passion of lovers in a deep, intense variegated color way of fuschia, raspberry, violet, iris and lavender.

Mia's Malachite Meadow: Nothing says summer quite like the clear open sky of a country meadow. The tall, bronzey earthen grass blowing in the breeze under the azure and teal blues of a cloudless sky.  Inspired by the metallic and unpolished lustre of a malachite geode, this variegated colorway has bronzey earthtones, medium teals and jade greens and deepens into a sapphire blue.

Sophia's Serengeti Sunrise: inspired by the intense, mystical experience of a fiery sunrise. This variegated colorway starts with a bronzey earth and warm peach and explodes into fiery berry and violet.

Be So Bold Yarn is worsted weight (#4 medium) and is sold in center pull balls. Each ball is 4oz and yields a whopping 247 yards of worsted weight yarn.

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What is organic cotton? The main benefit of organic materials, is that crops aren't treated with toxic insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These toxins are harmful for everyone, including farmers, workers, consumers and the entire eco-system. Also, organic cotton production uses far less water, too.