Be So Brave Yarn BAG of 10 DISCOUNT

Be So Brave Yarn BAG of 10 DISCOUNT

79.99 150.00

This is a deeply discounted, bulk listing for a full 10 hank bag of Be So Brave Yarn. Be So Brave is 100% American Merino Wool, made completely 100% in the USA from start to finish.  It is worsted weight, very soft and has incredible loft. Perfect for cables and texture and also really beautiful in lace and colorwork.

Please choose from the following colors: Waves of Grain, Lincoln Lime, Orangesicle, Flamingo, American Beauty, Cape Cod Bay, Shining Sea, Huckleberry Pie, Everglades and Plymouth Rock. You may mix your colors in the bag of 10!!!

You will ALSO receive a travel sized bottle of Wrapture with this order! It is good for 20 washes. And, all the yarn will be wound into center pull balls, too!

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