Wrapture Pods, bag of 10

Wrapture Pods, bag of 10

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Wrapture All Natural Delicate Wash, single use pods. 10 per bag

One pod is sufficient for one sink load: bikini, lingerie set, knit sweater, shawl, or other delicate item.


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Eucalan’s latest addition is Wrapture by designer Kristin Omdahl, infused with the beneficial essential oil of Night Bloom Jasmine. Like all Eucalan products, Wrapture is best for lingerie, hosiery, loungewear, athleticwear, swimwer and is especially useful in helping to preserve the original tension on elastic fabrics. Using Wrapture preserves the life of specialty materials such as Lycra and nylon, silk, satin, cotton, organza, lace, cashmere, wool, jersey knits and embellished items.

Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic making it perfectly suited for your most delicate fibres. Like all Eucalan scents, Wrapture contains a touch of lanolin to naturally condition fibres and keep static to a minimum.

Wrap your delicates in the romantic and intoxicating scent of Jasmine.