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New Kristin Omdahl Bag Prints

The Crochet Flower Chart is something I wanted to do for a very long time. I have lots of wonderful crochet customers and friends who I envisioned loving a crochet themed print. I wanted to create a design from crochet charts, and what better than a floral design! Set over a gray chevron print (because who doesn't like a chevron) I placed several crochet flower charts and glazed them with a translucent flower, in bright bold colors. Super cute, cheerful and CROCHET themed at the same time!


The Knitting Sugar Skulls (notice her size 8 needles instead of crossbones?) and Whale Tail designs are back due to popular demand. 


I have limited supplies of these 3 prints and when they are gone, they will be gone FOREVER! So make sure you stock up for yourself, your family, gifts this coming holiday season... 

In my Etsy shop, the Kristin Omdahl Print Bags are $25 and FREE SHIPPING. 

BUT, that's not all! I am running a special too! If you order 3 skeins of yarn (any color, either Be So Fine or Be So Sporty) you can choose which bag you want included in your order FOR FREE! How's that for a special??? Limited time only. While supplies last. Here are a few sample pics of 3 skeins with the bags:



If you want to mix and match colors and yarns, leave me a note in your order! All customizable :)

Happy Shopping!

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