Behind the Design: Tempesta Knit Pullover Pattern

Click on the photo for more information about the Tempesta Be So Sporty Kit

Click on the photo for more information about the Tempesta Be So Sporty Kit

This is a pattern that was a LONG time in the making! And, it starts with a little confession: I watch the soap opera "Days of our Lives." I started watching it as far back as I can remember because my mom loved to watch the show. When VCRs came about, we used to record it during the day and watch it after school. Once I moved out, if I had a chance to be home at 1:00pm during any day of the week, I would catch up on it. Fast forward a few decades, and every once in a blue moon I still watch an episode. Surprisingly, it doesn't take much to catch up! 

For fellow DOOL fans, do you remember a character named Nicole Walker?  (I don't know what her last name is currently, as she may have married and/or divorced since the last time I watched the show). Around 10 years ago, I was watching an episode and Nicole was wearing a jersey knit (cut & sewn) top with 3 holes in the front of the chest that looked like negative spacing of 3 flower petals. They were large; the two outside ones angled up towards her collar bones and the center one pointed straight down. I LOVED the top and thought it was so intriguing. In my head I said, "Now THAT would be an interesting knit or crochet garment, if I could figure out the cut out shapes..." And I pouted about it. Then I stewed about it. Then I stewed about it some more. And then I dropped it and forgot about it for a while (a normal part of the creative process).  One day out of the blue it hit me like a ton of bricks! What about buttonholes?!?! You know, like really, really LARGE buttonholes? And that my friends, is how this top became a reality.

Due to some strategically placed "buttonholes" and picking up and knitting into a very large "buttonhole" I was able to create 3 petal cut outs for this really cool top. I added some extra ease in the hips (because I think that is a really flattering shape on most bodies), and the cold-shoulder sleeves. I guess the cold shoulder sleeve detail could be over-kill for some people, and if it is just sew up the seam. But for those wishing to have 5 petal cut outs instead of 3 (me, for example) leave it just the way it is.

I knit this top with really tight gauge: sport weight yarn on US3 needles. The beauty of really silky bamboo is that tight gauge does NOT equal stiff fabric. It means a draped fabric that is opaque, and this Be So Sporty Yarn ALWAYS drapes beautifully; you will really feel like you are working with silk! I wanted to be able to wear this top without a camisole underneath. Depending on the color you make, either a black or nude bra is perfect! Mine is knit in Stormy Sea  Be So Sporty and a nude bra is completely undetectable under this sweater.

Choose from 17 beautiful hand dyed colors of Be So Sporty to make your own Tempesta Knit Pullover Pattern. The yarn kit is available in my Etsy Shop (the pattern is Free with yarn purchase and the shipping is free too). If you mention this blog post, use this coupon code to receive 10% off your kit. Coupon code: BLOG10


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