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Henna Lace Inspired Fabric Collection

Anyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about henna lace. I love henna lace drawings, henna lace tattoos and enjoy seeing how others translate their love of this art form into other types of beauty. If the conversation comes up in person, I'm pulling out my phone to show you pinterest photos of lace tattoos I love and the cakes I'm about to gush over and explain to you below:

Last year, I saw someone create beautiful wedding cakes with henna style decorations. Some cakes were white (obviously) and others were jewel tones, but they were covered with a beautiful variety of lace henna drawings. Some were the traditional dark henna and others were created using gold and silver metallic line work. I have been captivated by these incredible images ever since. This is my first collection directly inspired by those henna lace wedding cakes.

In my Henna Inspired Collection for Red Bubble collection, I have four line drawings: Paisleys, Gilded Rose, Poinsettias and Lucky Lotus. They come in an assortment from white to black and several luscious jewel tones. So far, I have the line drawings in gold. Next up will be silver and a deep, henna brown. Here are a few photos: 

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