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Continuous Crochet: Behind the Designs: Sorrento Sunset Shawl

Click on photo for more information about the book, "Continuous Crochet" by Kristin Omdahl

Click on photo for more information about the book, "Continuous Crochet" by Kristin Omdahl

Being a designer for more than a decade, I love seeing how many different ways I have come up with designs over the years. This one in particular has a long timeline of a story. More than 4 years ago, I designed the stitch pattern for this shawl when I was sampling my first skein of yarn for Kristin Omdahl Yarns. It didn't pan out for a project at that time, but I was so happy with the textured results that it got pinned on my corkboard (and still remains there today). When I was sourcing yarns for Continuous Crochet, I consulted with Knitting Rose Yarns because the artist-owner dyed in gradients. I asked her if she had a fiery sunset gradient colorway. Instead of just telling me no, she said no BUT it sounded like a colorway she would enjoy making and made it for me! I received the first two skeins ever made to crochet this beautiful shawl. The colorway is called Malificent's Fire and it is available from Knitting Rose Yarns.

I love this story. I knew the stitch pattern had merit and that's why it was kept even if it didn't work right away. I have since converted this textured lace stitch into a knit lace shawl pattern as well. I'm a sucker for a chevron wave anyway, but there is something about the elongated stitch stripes offset with the concentration of shorter, denser stitches that just makes my heart sing.

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