Continuous Crochet, Behind the Design: Rhythm & Blues Flower Scalloped Hat

Click on photo for more information about "Continuous Crochet" by Kristin Omdahl

Click on photo for more information about "Continuous Crochet" by Kristin Omdahl

I have been fooling around with embellishing crochet with seamless flowers for YEARS! I love the idea of incorporating a flower into a design without having to make it separately and sew it to the project.

These pictures are good memories of doing a crochet demo for Wrapped In Crochet in my publishers booth seven years ago. I was making headbands with seamlessly attached flowers for the sales reps, both of whom are still my friends today.

The Finer Edge has several varieties of textural flowers joined seamlessly into crochet fabric. And Seamless Crochet has concepts like that, too.

For this particular hat pattern, it began as an exploration of STARTING with the flower and seamlessly beginning a project from there. The original prototype is still pinned on the corkboard in my office. Its funny to me which quirky things become my favorite accomplishments. Bar codes for all my yarns and yarn colors is definitely top of the list for 2016 so far! Hehe ;) And apparently the experiment that began the design process for this hat is at the top of a list as well.

This hat begins with the flower. As you join in the round to start the hat, the scalloped edges of the flower mimic ripples on the water. For added warmth, repeat the flower flap on both sides! I think it could be a really interesting afghan border, worked from the outside in, or a skirt or poncho hem, worked from the bottom up. Oh my, I can hear my wheels turning again!

The Rhythm & Blues Flower Scalloped Hat features one hank of Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 (100% Peruvian Highland Wool) in color 2404 Atlantic. What a gorgeous sea color! And if you aren't already aware, this particular yarn comes in more colors that you can even remember! So fun. You will also need an H/8 (5mm) crochet hook. The finished hat measures 19" in circumference x 8" tall.

Please send me pictures of your finished hat! I'd love to see them :)

xoxo, Kristin


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