Announcing Be So Bold Handpainted Variegated Worsted Weight Yarn

Announcing Kristin Omdahl Yarn's Be So Bold: a hand painted, worsted weight, bamboo yarn. Each batch is uniquely inspired and hand crafted at the whim of Kristin's creative mind. Each skein is 163 yards per 4oz, a whopping size for worsted weight yarn! One skein will make an hat, cowl, or a set of baby booties plus hat. Use this yarn for any worsted weight project you may have in mind. Click on any photo for more information.

Sophia's Serengeti Sunrise: inspired by the intense, mystical experience of a fiery sunrise. This variegated color way starts with a bronzy earth and explodes into fiery berry and violet.

Ava's Isle D'Amour: inspired by the passion of lovers in a deep, intense variegated color way of fuchsia berry and violet.


Emma's Morning Glories: a muted, tonal, variegated color way of teal blue and lilac. Inspired by the shadows of a shaded garden, before the sun pops over the fence. Sipping hot tea to ward off the chill of the shadows. 

Olivia's Arctic Glaciers: a bold, variegated color way of deep sapphire, azure and teal blues with a pop of lilac and turquoise. Inspired by the clash of icy, roaring seas with even icier tundras.

Isabella's Aegean Oasis: inspired by a cliffside terrace bursting with fuschia and violet bougainvillea overlooking a shallow lagoon of teal blue and turquoise. 

Mia's Malachite Meadow: nothing says summer quite like the clear, open sky of a country meadow. The tall, bronzy earthen grass blowing in the breeze under the azure and teal blues of a cloudless sky.

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