How to Make Simple Sushi with Baked Salmon

I was first inspired to think "outside the box" about sushi when I was living in Israel! I met a newlywed couple of a Japanese woman and American man and we became friends while I was pregnant with Marlon. My friend was a vegetarian and made sushi without fish all the time! I was so surprised to realize that the flavors I love about sushi do not necessarily come from the fish! Its the seasoned rice, the rice wine vinegar, the seaweed, the soy sauce, etc...

Anyway, when I first began attempting to make sushi at home, I was quite hesitant to prepare it with raw fish for my family. So I began with smoked salmon and baked salmon. This recipe is one I came up with baked salmon, and my family LOVED it!

Learn how easy it is to make sushi at home! Fill rolls with cooked or raw fish, leftovers, an assortment of veggies, whatever you like! 

Save yourself SO MUCH money making this delicious treat at home.

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