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Quick & Easy Halloween Mask Craft Ideas

These are very simple and quick crafts. Halloween is right around the corner, and these are some fun and wild looking masks you can make in just a few minutes. You'll need a glue gun, a simple mask, a pair of sharp scissors and a ball of Be So Wild Yarn. Be So Wild is a highly textured super bulky novelty yarn Kristin makes in her studio with ribbon, mohair, sequins and lots of FUN! With a glue gun you can embellish anything with BLING! The yarn does the work for you. In the following two videos, learn how to embellish a simple mask, in two different ways, for great last-minute Halloween costumes or a Masquerade Ball.

How to Join Petals Wrap Cardigan from "Crochet So Fine" book by Kristin Omdahl

How to Make Cheesesteak Pizza Braid

How to Make Cheesesteak Pizza Braid