#GivingTuesday with Kristin Omdahl

I've extended all the Black Friday Sales, the Small Business Saturday Sales, the Cyber Monday deals AND have added a special promotion for #GivingTuesday! So you get all the savings of all the promotions and today I will match item for item and donate my organic bar soaps to a womens shelter. For example, if you buy 10 hanks of yarn on sale, I will donate ten bars of soap. If you buy 3 sample garments, a massage candle, 5 hanks of yarn, a jar of all natural, anti-aging face cream, and 3 bars of organic soap, I will donate 13 bars of soap.

Here is a re-cap of what's on sale:
ALL YARN is automatically on sale (no coupon code needed)
ALL BOOKS are automatically on sale (no coupons code needed)
ALL FABRICS are automatically on sale (no coupon code needed)

7 NEW garments, handmade by me, have been added to the SAMPLE SALE!

8 NEW Yarn Kits have been added! And, I am still gifting you with a beaded shawl pin MADE by ME with every shawl or vest yarn kit. I will do my best to choose coordinating colors for you! Makes a great gift, too!

xoxo, Kristin

P.S. Please use coupon code FREESHIPPING for all US orders!

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