How to Sew a Roll-Up Case for Crochet Hooks, Coloring Pencils or Makeup Brushes

How to Sew a Roll-Up Case for Crochet Hooks, Coloring Pencils or Makeup Brushes
FREE Sewing Pattern by Kristin Omdahl


What you will need:
(3) pieces of cotton fabric 15" x 9"
shown in Day of the Dragonfly Fabric Collection by Kristin Omdahl: in Kristin Omdahl's Spoonflower Shop
(1) piece of fuseable interfacing 15" x 9" (optional)
36" of 1/2" grosgrain ribbon
Sewing thread for your sewing machine

1. Cut your fabrics to size. Press them smooth. Line the outer fabric with interfacing, if you choose. The roll up cases are equally as nice with and without the interfacing.


2. Fold one piece of fabric in half lengthwise (this is the pocket). Press it smooth.

3. Pin the pocket piece to the fabric you choose for the inside of the roll (right sides facing).

4. Pin the ribbon tie (at the halfway point) to the outer edge of the inside fabric (just above the join of the pocket to the inside fabric). NOTE: Make sure the ribbon is facing inward on the right side of the fabric.

5. Lay the fabric you choose for the outside of the roll on top of the previously assembled pieces, making sure the right sides are facing. NOTE: you should see the wrong side of this fabric facing now.

6. Pin all fabrics together at corners.

7. Sew the perimeter of the fabrics together, keeping 3 - 4" unsewn at the top of the roll (the opposite of the pocket.

8. Trim the corners of the fabrics (make sure you don't cut your seams). This will allow for the corners to be more crisp when you turn the fabrics right side facing out.

9. Turn the roll to right sides facing out. Press them smoothly. Fold the hem of the opening to the inside to match the rest of the seams.

10: Carefully sew a top stitch 1/4" around perimeter of roll (making sure you catch the pressed seam of the opening as you go. Go slowly at the corners for a smooth finish.

11. Mark the fabric at 1" intervals (or whatever intervals you prefer for your pockets). 1" is great for crochet hooks and coloring pencils. 1.5" might be better for markers or make up brushes.


12. Sew vertical lines along the entire roll, starting at pocket and working toward top. Backstitch at beginning and end of each line of stitches.

This makes a quick and fabulous gift! Use them for crochet hooks, double pointed knitting needles, coloring pencils, markers or makeup brushes. It is easily customize-able for any size. All fabrics are simply cut to the same dimensions.

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