How to Sew Soothing Eye Pillow with Lavender & Rice FREE Pattern

How to Sew Soothing Eye Pillow filled with Lavender and Rice FREE Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl

I worked in a spa for a little while in college. One of the products they sold was en eye pillow filled with flaxseed and lavender. I was absolutely blown away by how soothing it was! Over the years, I have discovered that this type of products is also great for heating up in the microwave or chilling in the freezer for sore muscles, too! Depending on the size you make, it has many purposes. This is an incredibly fast project - makes a wonderful gift for just about anyone - and is easy enough for a beginner. What's not to love?

What you will need:
1 piece of fabric cut 12" x 10.5, shown in Day of the Dragonfly Quilting Fabrics by Kristin Omdahl
2 cups dry rice, flaxseeds, corn or wheat
1 TBSP dried lavender buds
Sewing machine and all normal accessories

1. Cut fabric to size: 12" x 10.5".

2. Press smoothly.

3. Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together. Pin perimeter.

4. Sew along one short side, turn and sew along long side, turn, sew along short side, but leave 3" open for adding the rice and lavender. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

5. Cut the corners, but do not cut into the seams!

6. Turn the bag right side out. Using a chopstick or knitting needle really helps to make the corners crisp!

7. Press smoothly. Turn the hem of the opening to match the rest of the seams.

8. Mix the rice and lavender together.

9. Fill the bag no more than halfway with the rice mixture.

10. Sew a 1/4" top stitched seam along both of the short sides of the bag.


xoxo, Kristin

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