Simply Bold Crochet Cowl

This is an example of a few things. First, it is a yarn substitution tutorial. I took a simple double crochet in the round cowl I designed in Be So Fine (fingering weight yarn and D/3 hook) and converted the pattern for a much larger gauge with Be So Bold (worsted weight yarn and I/9 hook). Next, I decided to make the cowl a bit smaller as well. All of the math is spelled out in the video. And lastly, I also converted the pattern to be worked in a spiral instead of rounds, to avoid the joining and chaining where the rounds connect. This is a more seamless looking finished project and easy to do. This is also demonstrated in the video.

London Cowl crochet edging.jpg

The patterns are similar, however the London Cowl features a 3-round crochet edging and the Simply Bold Cowl does not. If you wish to add the same edging to the Simply Bold cowl you will need to use a second skein of Be So Bold Yarn. All photos of this cowl are without the edging and it is a one skein project as shown.

Here is a video tutorial on crocheting the 3-round edging:

Both patterns are free downloads in Kristin's Ravelry Shop.

London Crochet Cowl in Be So Fine LINK

Simply Bold Crochet Cowl in Be So Bold LINK

Be So Fine and Be So Bold Yarns are both available at Amazon, Etsy and our fine retailers.

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