How to Join Square Motifs for Springtime Crochet Afghan CAL

Last year at Stitches West, I met Yolanda Soto Lopez through a mutual friend. We bonded over our love of crafting and yarn, and have been friends ever since! She lives in California and I live in Florida, but we don't let that stop us! We video chat to stay in touch :)
We thought it would be fun to collaborate and design an afghan together. I designed 3 squares and Yolanda designed 3 squares. We chose 4 colors of Be So Sporty Yarn (chantilly lace, sun kissed yellow, crushed berries and passionate plum). We each made 4 color combinations of each of our 3 designed squares. We launched a YouTube video teaching you how to make each one of the squares, and I made separate videos showing you how to read a crochet chart for each square as well. Then finally, I launched a final video showing you how to crochet all the squares together. What is especially interesting about this video is once you understand the concept, you can apply it to any similar sized squares. It doesn't matter what pattern each square is worked it! In the description of every video is a link to a blog post with line by line instructions for each square as well. At the bottom of this blog post, I have a link to the ebook download that includes all the squares' instructions!
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The joining technique in this project is a special tool to learn. Regardless of what you want to join together, as long as they are the same size, I will show you how to crochet join them as you go for a perfect fit! All of these squares are blocked to 6" square, and the edging design is worked "by the inch" regardless of what type of stitches are on the perimeter of the square. This might be a great technique to pull out an assortment of old squares to finally finish or combine an assortment of peoples unfinished projects together for a charity!


Watch the video to learn how simple this technique is and how to apply it to one-sided joining and 2-sided joining for any squares and any project. Please share your finished photos with me :)



Follow the link in the video below to watch all 10 videos for all the squares, charts for all the squares and more!

And download the written instructions for squares 1, 3 and 5 (designed by Kristin Omdahl) here: