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Yes, I am a survivor of domestic violence. But I refuse to let the label define me. We live in a world that objectifies victims of domestic violence, whether it is verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. I'm not judging or condemning anyone with that statement. All I know is how hard and lonely the struggle back was for me. I want to make a difference in other victims' return to a thriving and healthy life.

If you are interested in donating, THANK YOU! There will be a button at the bottom of the press release. Every dollar will help a person in need. Below is the press release announcing this incredible dream come true for me.


Creative Entrepreneur Establishes Fund to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence

Creative Entrepreneur Kristin Omdahl Establishes Project Kristin Cares to Assist Fellow Victims of Domestic Violence

May 2, 2016 - Bonita Springs, FL: Internationally acclaimed author/designer/personality and yarn company owner Kristin Omdahl has announced the establishment of Project Kristin Cares.  Says Omdahl: “As a victim of domestic violence myself, I am all too aware of the prevalent sense of shame and isolation that often accompanies this all too common crime in today’s society.  Project Kristin Cares will both shed light on this issue as well provide funds for women (and men) who have been forced from their homes and need to start over.”

Omdahl explained that not only will a portion of all proceeds from the sale of all Kristin Omdahl brand products be donated to Project Kristin Cares, but that she will also donate products from her body care line Kristin Omdahl Glow, saying “imagine that you have been forced to flee from your home and are terrified and grateful for anything – how marvelous would be to receive a luxury product instead of the least expensive thing money can buy? When everyday life is a struggle, small luxuries can go a long way!”

Since bursting onto the fiber scene some 14 years ago, Omdahl has been involved in nearly every aspect of the business.  She feels that crocheting and knitting helped save her from abusive relationships, and that learning to surround herself with beauty by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary are the keys to her success.  Omdahl is immensely grateful to finally be free and says she wants to “share her ability to create beauty and look at the world with artistic intention” with others.  For more information about Kristin Omdahl go to

More information about Project Kristin Cares, including special events and programs currently being planned can be found at:




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