How to Crochet On Fabric: Crochet Lace Tshirt Yoke

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I make tons of lists. I love to jot down design ideas all the time. In fact, over the years I have kept many notebooks with ideas sketched and noted. I have volumes of them now. This is one of the concepts that has repeatedly been jotted down in notebooks over the years: embellishing store-bought clothing and accessories with knitting and crochet.

Last week, I said "Enough is enough!" and bought a couple of discount tshirts ($4 each) to have on hand whenever the mood should strike. It's funny how that works, though. I've been thinking about doing this for years, but as soon as I bought the supplies, I found the time to make it right away!

I'm happy to share this DIY video with you. I decided to design the tshirt project 'live' on camera. What I mean is, I didn't practice on a tshirt off camera before doing a second one on camera. I wanted to show you the good, bad and ugly of this project. The reason is that I want you to know it is OK TO MAKE MISTAKES, that is part of the design process!

So, join me as I cut the tshirt, sew stitches along the edge, then crochet a beautiful lace yoke back onto the tshirt. I LOVE it so much! Now I want one in every color of my yarns :)

I used a Be So Fine TIDBIT to make this yoke, and there is plenty left over to make another tshirt yoke with it, too. I used Chantilly Lace, but you can choose from all 17 colors here: