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How to Block a Shawl

Blocking a shawl is universal, whether you love to knit or crochet them first. When you buy Be So Fine or Be So Sporty Yarns, a pod of Wrapture all natural, no-rinse delicate wash is included in your purchase.
Delicate and luxurious fibers deserve a delicate wash. I relate it to shampoo for my hair. I wouldn't use harsh chemicals on my hair, so why should I use them on the fibers of my yarn?


Watch the video below to learn some of my tips and tricks on blocking! Pinning at the midpionts is KEY!

This shawl is a new one-skein knitting pattern that will be released next week. Stay tuned for the pattern, the yarn kit, the tutorial video and a giveaway contest upon release!

How to Knit Serpentine Scalloped Lace Edging

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