Introducing Million Dollar Red Beaded Crochet Lampshade FREE Pattern

As you may already know, I have been tinkering around with all kinds of home dec projects in the last couple of years. My bedroom has been especially fun to decorate with all things handmade. I don't always have a lot of spare time to be working on it, though. So I thought if I could tie in a free crochet pattern, a Be So Fine Yarn kit, and decorate another piece of furniture, it could be counted as work!

This lamp was gifted to me by someone who wanted to throw it in the trash (I actually have a matching pair of them). I thought the big white lampshade was a perfect canvas for some kind of embellishment. I thought about needle felting, hairpin lace, and all sorts of things. One day while I was looking at one of my Sweet Clara Tops on a mannequin I realized that stitch pattern would be gorgeous on a lampshade. I imagined the light glowing through the negative space of the stitch pattern. And I thought the pattern was perfect for a scalloped lower edge. Then, realized beading a scalloped edge would be even more beautiful for me! I got so excited I ran to see if I happened to have beads on hand that would go with Million Dollar Red Be So Fine Yarn (because that is the color I have been using in my room all along). And I did. And, the rest is history :)

If you can crochet in the round, you can make so many things beyond hats and cowls. In this pattern, I will show you how to decorate an otherwise plain lampshade with a beautiful crochet stitch pattern. And, show you how to add a simple beaded edging to the bottom.

This is the same stitch pattern used in the Sweet Clara Crochet Top, and the tutorial video series to learn the stitches can be found here:

You can order Be So Fine Yarn here

The free pattern is here: Million Dollar Red Crochet Lampshade FREE Pattern