How to Sew a Lined Tote Bag FREE Sewing Pattern

How to Sew a Lined Tote Bag FREE Sewing Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl

This FABULOUS bag is easy to make. Learn step by step how to make it in this photo tutorial. Use it for a knitting or crochet project bag, taking to the market, on a picnic, travel, or even use it as your purse! Makes a wonderful gift, too.

What you will need:
1/2 yard cotton fabric (outer bag)
1/2 yard complementary cotton fabric (lining)
1/2 yard fusible interfacing (medium weight)
44" canvas strap webbing, cut into two 22" pieces
Sewing machine and normal sewing supplies

Finished size: 12" tall x 19" wide at top, base is 12" wide x 6" deep

All fabrics used are from the Day of the Dragonfly Quilting Fabric Collection by Kristin Omdahl

1. Cut Fabrics
Cut two 20" x 15" rectangles of outer fabric, inner fabric and interfacing. Cut webbing into two 22" pieces.

2. Snip corners. On the long side of all 6 rectangles (2 outer fabric, 2 lining fabric and 2 interfacing), cut a 3" x 3" corner from only the bottom corners.

3. Press interfacing to wrong side of outer fabric rectangles.

4. With wrong sides together, sew the sides and bottom together of outer fabric. Leave the top and two sipped corners unsewn. Repeat for lining fabric pieces. Press seams.

5. Sew corners. Pinch together the gaps in the snipped corners, lining up the side and bottom seams in the center. Sew 1/2" seam. This step creates a flat bottom. Repeat for lining fabrics.

6. Flip liner right-side out and place inside outer fabric so that right sides are facing each other. Tuck the straps between the inner and outer fabrics. You want two edges of one strap facing the front and two edges of the other strap facing the back of the bag. You also want them centered and mirroring each other. Begin each strap approx. 4" from side seam. Pin all pieces together, and make sure you line up the side seams well.

7. Beginning at a side seam, sew 1/2" seam around perimeter of bag, leaving a 4" opening from the starting point. Make sure you caught all 4 straps, while leaving enough room to turn the entire bag out through the opening.

8. Pull both fabrics and both straps through the opening. Turn the bag right-side out and tuck the lining into the bag. Press top seam with iron, and turn the opening's hem inward to match the rest of the seam.

9. Top stitch around the entire bag's opening to finish the edge, making sure to close the opening. This also reinforces the canvas straps.