Brave & Colorful Knit Ruana FREE Pattern

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Brave & Colorful Knit Ruana FREE Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl

I have always been a big fan of unstructured garments. I love loose layers and I think a ruana is such a versatile staple for your wardrobe! It can be worn loose, buttoned, laced with ties, sewn up as a kimono, or belted like a robe/cardigan. Plus there is no shaping within the panels, so it is a great time to learn a new stitch pattern or technique! This is knit in a GORGEOUS slip stitch mosaic stripe pattern. It gives the stripes a subtle zigzag effect. So interesting! You could combine any number of colors, or make your stripes thinner or thicker than mine - or change it up completely! Worked in a worsted weight American merino wool it works up so fast! And it is so comforting, soft and WARM!

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Materials: Be So Brave Yarn; 100% pure American Merino Wool; #4 medium worsted weight yarn; 100% Made in the USA!
(5) hanks MC Huckleberry Pie (2) hanks CC1 American Beauty (2) hanks CC2 Flamingo (2) hanks CC3 Waves of Grain
US9 (5.5mm) knitting needles

Gauge: 3.5 sts / 5 rows = 1” in pattern

Finished size: 48” circumference, 30” long

Instructions: Fronts (make 2): With MC CO 41 sts
Set up rows: knit 2 rows Row 1 (WS, and all odd numbered rows): purl across. — 41 sts
Row 2 (RS): k2, *sl1, k2. Rep from * across. — 41 sts
Row 4: with CC3, k1, sl1, *k2, sl1; rep from * to last 3 sts: k3. — 41 sts
Row 6: with CC1, k3, sl1, *k2, sl; rep from * to last st: k1.
Row 8: with CC2, rep row 2
Row 10, 12, 14, 16, 18: with MC, rep rows 4, 6, 2, 4, 6
Row 20: with CC1, rep row 2
Row 22: with CC2, rep row 4
Row 24: with CC3, rep row 6
Row 26: with MC, rep row 2
Row 28: with CC3, rep row 4
Row 30: with CC2, rep row 6
Row 32: with CC1, rep row 2
Rows 33 - 142: Rep rows 10 - 32 (5) times, then rows 10 - 18 once more.

Edging: Row 1 (WS): k1, *p1, k1. Rep from * across.
Row 2 (RS): knit across.
Rows 3 - 8: Rep rows 1 - 2 three more times. BO all sts.

Set up row 1: With right side facing and MC, pick up 41 sts along cast on edge of left side, KCO 10 sts, pick up and knit 41 sts along cast on edge of right side. — 92 sts
Rows 1 - 142: Rep rows 1 - 142 of fronts.

Row 1 (WS): *k1, p1. Rep from * across.
Row 2: (RS) knit across
Rows 3 - 8: Rep rows 1 - 2 three more times. BO all sts.

Front edging: Row 1: with right side facing and MC, pick up and knit in every other row along right front edge, pick up and knit 10 sts along back neck edge, and pick up and knit in every other row along left front edge. — 152 sts
Row 2 (WS): *k1, p1. Rep from * across
Row 3 (RS): knit across
Row 4: *k1, p1. Rep from * across.
BO all sts loosely.

Ties: Make 2 st i-cord ties (or crochet chain ties) for sides: each one should be 2 feet long.

If you are securing the sides, make sure you begin 10” down from the shoulder seam. Sew or lace or secure the sides as far down as you desire. In the photos, I laced 2” with the ties. You could also sew along the entire seam.

Kristin Omdahl patterns are for your personal use only and not to be used to create items for commercial gain. All Kristin Omdahl patterns are licensed for single use and remain the intellectual property of Kristin Omdahl. This pattern may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise.
©Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved

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