Knit & Crochet Twisted Fringe WITHOUT Cutting Yarn! Video Tutorials

If you are like me, you LOVE the look of fringe: freshly blunt cut, swishing with movement, in all its bohemian glory. But let's be real. It is not the most practical design option on the planet. If you want the look of frayed fringe (I LOVE IT on this gorgeous fringe bag pattern)

or you are using fine yarn (I'll be able to show you gorgeous examples in Be So Fine Yarn in a future book that is still top secret at the moment), cut fringe can be gorgeous. But, with other thicker, plied yarns it isn't the best option. You can use a mechanism that twists cut fringe into tassels, like on this beautiful Be So Tender Yarn wrap pattern:


But now I'm excited to tell you it can be even simpler than that. Please allow me to introduce you to twisted fringe WITHOUT cutting yarn! It is done in a continuous piece of yarn. I have a video tutorial and step by step instructions for you, whether you prefer to add this gorgeous and durable technique to your knitting or crochet projects.

How to Crochet Twisted Fringe WITHOUT Cutting Yarn:

How to Knit Twisted Fringe WITHOUT Cutting Yarn:

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