New Red Bubble Collection: Day of the Dragonfly by Kristin Omdahl

The Day of the Dragonfly Collection is a 23-print of hand drawings by Kristin Omdahl. 11 of the 23 prints  were first licensed for quilting fabrics a few years ago. Now the entire 23-print collection is being processed for a multi-fabric line, and for the first time ever, they are available now for print on demand with Kristin Omdahl's Red Bubble Shop.

"Red Bubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Their dream was simple. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, they connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans. A brave new world of self expression." ~

You can choose by collection, by print, or by product to browse for gifts or pieces for yourself. I have purchased several of the chiffon scarves (PERFECT for crochet on fabric), travel mugs, A-line dresses, notebooks, leggings, phone cases, tote bags, t-shirts. tank tops, zipper pouches and I am proud to say the quality is fantastic.

For example, here is a screenshot of choosing a print to see all the products available in that print: 

Here are some screenshots of browsing the entire Day of the Dragonfly Collection by product: