#Book14 Official Announcement!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful SO MANY of you took he time out of your busy schedules to answer my survey last week. The information proved so incredibly valuable to me. You spoke and I listened. And without further ado, I am thrilled to announce that I officially began working on my 14th book this week!

I am choosing to keep publishing in-house again. What that means is that I will have 100% creative control of not only the content, but also in how I release and share information with you. Depending on where you like to follow me, I am using hashtag #Book14 to share the journey. On YouTube, I will keep a playlist (folder) of videos that pertain to the behind-the-scenes of writing this book. And on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I will use the hashtag #Book14. And here on my blog, I will tag every post pertaining to behind the scenes with #Book14 as well. Last night, I celebrated the first full work day on Book14 by visiting the beach for sunset. I shared it LIVE on my YouTube Channel to all my subscribers. It was a lot of fun sharing my milestone with everyone.

When writing a book, I spend a lot of time getting organized first. This week has been full of making charts, spreadsheets and databases filled with organization, deadlines, outlines, notes and content. One of my favorite things in the beginning of writing a book is developing the palette. I like to come up with an 8 - 10 color palette before sourcing yarns and colors for a book. For #Book14, I chose to be inspired by a photo. I found a photo of a worn out palette filled with pink roses. The palette was once aqua but was weathered into some grays, and shades of blues and greens. The roses had pale pink petals and were kissed with raspberry in the centers. In the coming weeks I will share other timelines and parts of the process with you. For today, I am thrilled to be sharing my exciting news with you!