New Colors of Be So Sporty Yarn!

I am thrilled to share some new colors of Be So Sporty Yarn! I have been busy dyeing these shades in my Florida studio. I am thinking ahead to fall and winter and wanted to bring in some earthy jewel tones for the cooler months. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post for project ideas!

With Everglades, you can see I followed my own directions. This is a GORGEOUS semi-solid hand dyed color way of leafy green with wisps of teal and dark teal. This is so inspired by the foliage of south Florida. We have so many different shades of green leaves and trees. It is always green here, but so many different shades of green.

With Flamingo, you can see the Florida girl got carried away! While this is not an earthy jewel tone, I have been wanting a  bright pink for a long time. Last year, I made a variegated hot pink yarn for Breast Cancer Awareness month and it sold out so quickly I never got to keep one for myself. This is a semi-solid hand dyed color of bright, hot pink. It reminds me of strawberry cotton candy and one of my favorite shades of nail polish. This is a fantastic color for scarves, cowls and adding a pop of color to any outfit.

Later this month, I will be working on a couple more earthy jewel tones for Fall. 

Need some project ideas for these gorgeous yarns?

BSS Collage.jpg
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