Messy Bun Hat Knit & Crochet Pattern Round Up

Happy New Year everyone!

I know the messy bun hat craze didn't just start, but it just started for me! As someone with long hair, I 'liked' the idea but was knee deep in other projects and let the trend pass by me. But, as I've been live streaming Yarn on the Beach daily at sunrise at the beach, the temperatures kept dropping.

It's been so much fun to wear different hats, scarves and garments I've made on the live streams. It also inspired me to think about designing a messy bun hat or two. I thought it would be fun to add a pony tail holder to the opening of the hat to make it stretchy and have a professional edge. The first crochet hat turned out fabulous. And then I made a knit one, too. I love how put together a pony tail or bun can look when popping out of a cute handmade hat! 

I asked some friends from around the internet for their permission to share their messy bun hats with you, too. Each one features worsted weight yarn. I carry three yarns that are worsted weight: Be So Brave, Be So Bold and Be So Tender Yarn

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