Seven Eleven Beaded Crochet Wire Earrings FREE Pattern EASY BEGINNER FAST

I made my first pair of these earrings Thanksgiving morning, while my turkey was roasting in the oven, and I was waiting for company to arrive -- in less than 30 minutes total -- for the PAIR! You could whip up a pair for everyone you know over the weekend! You either need 7 beads for the single ring version or 11+7=18 beads for the double ring version. You make a beaded ch7 ring, then beaded ch11, and join with a slst to the first ring. To complete the earrings, ch11, slst again into the first slst (this is the top of the earring and where you will secure the french hook.

What you will need:

28 gauge wire
french hooks
wire cutters
4mm crystal beads