New Colors for Spring 2018!

Be So Bold, Be So Fine and Be So Sporty have new colors for Spring 2018!

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Be So Bold Yarn has 3 new semi solid colors and 2 new variegated colors. The semi solids are saturated, tropical and absolutely gorgeous: Tropical Hot Coral, Passionate Plum and Caribbean Turquoise. The new variegated colors are inspired from memories. Hibiscus in Palm Springs is bright and vibrant shades of tangerine, coral, raspberry and cherry, and reminds me of my favorite variation of Hibiscus flower. 

Snorkeling in Key West reminds me of my first time snorkeling in Key West. The water was crystal clear and had so many deep and contrasting turquoises, teals and blues. 

Be So Sporty Yarn has been restocked in hand dyed semi solid color ways of Caribbean Turquoise, Passionate Plum, Everglades, and the new addition is called Trailblazer. This color way has lots of variation and depth to it, with a passionate and fiery vibe. I hand blended golds, corals, peaches, mauves, raspberries and cherry red to create this magnificent color way.

Be So Fine and Be So Sporty Yarns now have a BLING Collection. This is the base of 100% bamboo that you know and love, with a pure silver thread plied into the yarn. It has a subtle sparkle and shimmer that is absolutely beautiful. The first limited edition color way, inspired by the palette of the beach sunrises we LOVE during the Yarn on the Beach video podcasts. I hand massage mauve, peach, bronzy gold, sky blue and a little iris/violet purple. Due to the addition of the silver, the yardage and weights are slightly affected from the original Be So Fine and Be So Sporty Yarns. Please pay attention to your yardage requirements when ordering. This is a limited edition color way. 

My goal is to continue to be inspired by what nature presents to us during Yarn on the Beach video podcasts and develop additional limited edition color ways for the BLING Collection. Each one will be one of a kind and limited edition.

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