How I DIY upcycled a free curbside desk into my Dressing Table

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I have always wanted an Old Hollywood boudoir-style changing table. I always pictured it would be metallic and have a pop of color inside the drawers. Not only did I not the like the price tag on new furniture that could function this way, I certainly didn't find anything that matched my color dreams. I imagined decorating a corner of my master bedroom to be the area where I would lovingly store and display my makeup and also be the station where I would style my hair and apply my makeup every day. 

I alerted all my thrift store divas to let me know if a desk-like piece of furniture caught their eye and was bargain basement in price. After about a year of looking, I found this diamond-in-the-rough on the side of the road in my mom's neighborhood:


A couple of the drawers needed work, there were some gouges in the top surface, and the front facing on the left legs was broken, but otherwise it was solid, functioning and I believed I could transform this into something special.

First I removed the drawers and  removed the hardware from all of the drawer handles. 

Photo Apr 29, 6 15 09 PM.jpg
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Then, I sanded down all the surfaces of the desk and all of the interior and exterior surfaces of the drawers with fine grade sandpaper. Filled the holes and gouges in the tabletop with woodfill. And, let it dry overnight. Then sanded over it again to be smooth.

Photo Apr 29, 6 00 52 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 29, 6 00 31 PM.jpg

Next, I painted the hardware and the interior of the drawers with a spray paint with primer combined. I applied two coats and let it dry.

Photo Apr 29, 6 53 59 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 29, 7 08 54 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 29, 7 05 26 PM.jpg

I painted the desk and the exterior of the drawers with a metallic paint/primer spray paint that has a hammered effect. I applied two coats and let it dry. I also applied a coat of this paint to the drawer pulls that were previously painted the turquoise. After letting this third coat dry,  I sanded them again to give them a distressed finish with a pop of turquoise coming from beneath the metal finish.

Photo Apr 30, 10 35 47 AM.jpg
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One of these days I'll remember to wear my gloves for an ENTIRE PROJECT! I seem to remember to wear them 90% of the time.

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