How to Make an EASY DIY Double Decker Wood Crate Coffee Table

double decker crate table.jpg

How to Make an EASY DIY Coffee Table with Wood Crates

by Kristin Omdahl

I love the idea of repurposing one thing into something else. I originally made a Pinterest-inspired wood crate coffee table for my apartment balcony, but when it came time to make one for my living room, it just wasn't high enough. I had a few options: adding casters, wheels, legs OR adding a double decker layer of wood crates. I went with the latter because I thought it was visually interesting and also offered double the storage! I love to display (and store) my handmade afghans and candles in the cubbies.

This whole project took less than one day to make. I used a hammer, some nails, sandpaper, and my favorite spray paint that comes with the primer combined. So easy. 

Read this post for how I made the original single layer wood crate coffee table

What you will need:

(8) wood crates, I like these ones
2" nails
3 cans Spray Paint with Primer combined I like this one

I sanded everything down first, then spray painted each crate individually. Make sure they are completely dry before continuing. I nailed four crates together for the lower level of the coffee table. Then, as I added the second layer, I made sure to offset them so they didn't line up with the lower level of crates.

IMG_4860 2.JPG