Jenny's Floppy Sun Hat Crochet Pattern


Jenny’s Floppy Sun Hat Crochet Pattern

by Kristin Omdahl

A wide brimmed sun hat is a dramatic show stopper. Worked in a simple stitch, this gorgeous project is accessible to even the beginner crafter. The addition of wire in the brim adds a professional finish to be proudly worn!

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(130) yds #2 fine, sport weight yarn

shown in:
Be So Fresh Yarn; 100% linen; 315 yds (m) per 3.5oz (100g); color Sand Dollar
D/3 (3.25mm) crochet hook
Yarn needle
2 yds 19 gauge millinery wire & joiner, sold on Etsy here

Be So Fresh Yarn
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18 sts / rows = 4 in (10cm) in half double crochet

Finished size:

18” head circumference, 4” brim

Stitch Glossary

Chain (ch): Wrap the yarn over the hook in a counterclockwise direction. Draw the yarn through to form a new loop without tightening the previous one.

Half Double Crochet (hdc): Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the work (or second chain from hook), wrap the yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through the work only. Wrap the yarn again and draw it through all three loops.

Slip Stitch (slst): A slip stitch usually joins a round, or both ends of a row of chain stitches. Insert hook into joining stitch. Wrap the yarn over the hook from back to front. Draw the yarn through the stitch and through the loop on the hook.

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Note: hat is worked in spirals that do not join at the end of each round.

Round 1: Ch5, slst to 5th ch from hook to form ring, ch1, work 1sc and 11 hdc in ring. Do not join. — 12 sts

Round 2: 2hdc in ea st around. Do not join. — 24 sts

Round 3: *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next st. Rep from * around. Do not join. — 36 sts

Round 4: *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in ea of next 2 sts. Rep from * around. Do not join. — 48 sts

Round 5: *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in ea of next 3 sts. Rep from * around. Do not join. — 60 sts

Round 6: *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in ea of next 4 sts. Rep from * around. Do not join. — 72 sts

Round 7: *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in ea of next 5 sts. Rep from * around. Do not join. — 84 sts


Rounds 8 - 25: 1hdc in ea st around. — 84 sts


Round 26: *2hdc in ea st around. — 168 sts

Rounds 27 - 40: Rep round 8. — 168 sts

Adding wire to last round:

Round 41: working around wire, sc in ea st around. When you are almost finished with the round, carefully cut the wire to fit and join both ends with the joiner. Continue to crochet around the entire round, covering the wire as you go. 


Fasten off. Weave in loose ends. Block to finished measurements and let dry.

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