Continuous Crochet by Kristin Omdahl Now Available as Individual Pattern PLUS Yarn Substitution Information

My thirteenth book, Continuous Crochet, was first published in 2016. It is still available as a printed book, an ebook and NOW you can also instantly download the individual patterns if you choose!

Here is a gallery of all of the gorgeous projects from Continuous Crochet, along with a link to download the individual PDF patterns as well as the yarn substitution information. Because I've been writing books for so long, I get asked all the time about which Kristin Omdahl Yarns would make good substitutions for my patterns. 

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If you have any questions, please feel welcome to leave them for me in the comments!


CC_ purple hat BBR.jpg

Heather Plum Chain Flower Hat-

This hat features a beautiful offset lace stitch pattern. It has concentric increases only in the beginning of the crown; so you can crochet the rest of the hat in the round without fussing with increases within the pattern. It’s a deceptively simple technique, and easy to stitch up quickly.

You will need: 
250 yds (229m) #1 superfine (fingering weight) yarn
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:
Be So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_ Cascade Flower Flap Hat.jpg

Rhythm & Blues Flower Scalloped Hat-

This hat begins with the flower. As you join in the round to start the hat, the scalloped edges of the flower mimic ripples on the water. For added warmth, repeat the flower flap on both sides!

You will need:
220 yds (200m) #4 medium (worsted weight) yarn
J/8 (5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:
Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender

CC_ Cascade 2 blue wavses Cowl.jpg

Laguna Surf Wavy Striped Cowl-

Worked in the round, this clever blue-on-blue scarf mimics ocean waves within a simple stitch pattern. As a bonus, you carry up the stripes as you go; so it’s still seamless, too! It’s crocheted extra long, so you can wear this one tall for wind protection under your coat, or low and draped for a more casual look.

You will need: 220 yds (200m) #4 medium (worsted weight yarn)
I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender

Mardi Gras Gold Herringbone Cowl-

This versatile project can be worn in a number of ways: flat, tubular, twisted or partially closed, thanks to buttons! Choose beautiful jeweled buttons to give it a touch of sparkle. I love how the gold yarn and herringbone textured post stitches remind me of my old bling from the 1980s and 90s.

You will need: 325 yds (297m) #2 fine, (sport weight yarn)
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

This project features Be So Sporty Yarn in color Pure Gold

Suggested yarns: Be So Bare, Be So Fresh, Be So Serene, Be So Sporty, Be So Soulful

Urban Fringe Jen’s Strips of Stripes Scarf-

A few chilly winters ago in NYC, a friend and I were shopping in a makeup store and I admired the way a chic woman was wearing her wrap over her coat. She had tied the thick fringes so it was more like a mobius or cowl. I promised myself that at the right time, I would make a bulky, fringed wrap just so I could style it exactly that way.

You will need: 450 yds (420) #4 medium (worsted weight yarn)
J/10 (6mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:
Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender 

CC_ drew purple shawl.jpg

Enchanted Diamonds Textured & Picot Mesh Scarf-

The interior panel stitch pattern looks complicated but is easy to understand after a repeat or two. I love how the scalloped flower edging is worked and joined as you go within the rows of the shawl. Constructed from the center outward, this piece has symmetrical ends; the narrow edging then matches the long edging as well.

You will need: 880 yds (804m) #2 fine, (sport weight yarn)
H/8 (5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns: Be So Bare, Be So Fresh, Be So Serene, Be So Sporty, Be So Soulful 


Little Falls Reversible Textured Möbius-

This really interesting, reversible post stitch pattern cascades from front to back of the fabric identically in an ebb and flow. It looks far more complicated than it really is. Who doesn’t love that kind of project? It is a generous size for a mobius, which means you can style it several ways and really take advantage of the reversible nature and the drape of this beautiful accessory.

What you will need: 300 yds (180m) #4 medium (worsted weight yarn)
H/8 (5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender

CC_ rowan zentangle scarf.jpg

Basket of Light Zentangle-Inspired Motif Scarf-

I love to draw. I am often inspired by textures in anything but textures when designing in crochet. On a whim I tried to recreate a lacy drawing into crochet and voila! This the result. So fun!

What you will need: 437 yds (400m) #1 superfine, (fingering weight yarn)
F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_ Malabrigo belted cape.jpg

Alfresco by the Lake Belted Cape-

A beautiful, top down raglan shaped lace cape hides the increases beautifully within the stitch pattern. It has a button closure and a belt so you can wear it in a variety of ways. Figure flattering and multi-purpose, what’s not to love?

What you will need: #3 (dk weight yarn)
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Bare, Be So Fresh, Be So Serene, Be So Sporty, Be So Soulful

CC_ superior capelet.jpg

African Violets Raglan Capelet-

Inspired by the velvety texture of the namesake’s petals. I chose a yarn with halo wisps of fiber for beautiful texture. The top-down, in-the-round capelet has four corners of raglan shaping. Wear it with the points on either side of your arms (For traditional raglan construction) or with the points down the center front and back for a more dramatic look!

What you will need:
650 yds (597m) #0 lace weight yarn
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Fine, Be So Lush

Sausalito Sparkle Offset Lace Shawl-

Who doesn’t love to crochet a top-down triangular shawl? I chose a beautiful offset fan stitch pattern and created the shaping invisibly in the stitch pattern for a flawless finish. Adding matching beads in the final round adds weight and sparkle to this beautiful wrap.

What you will need: #0 lace weight yarn
H/8 (5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns:Be So Fine, Be So Lush

Sorrento Sunset Starburst Shawl-

Inspired by fiery red and gold sunsets, the yarn was designed specifically for this shawl. Gradient yarns can be manipulated in a variety of ways to create stunning visual effects. Alternating two skeins simultaneously allows for this generous shawl to change color only one time in the unique starburst stitch pattern.

What you will need: 800 yds (732m) #1 superfine, (fingering weight yarn)

Suggested yarns:Be So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_ Cascade beachy wrap.jpg

Driftwood Blues Mini Tile Wrap-

I love miniature motifs; they remind me of mosaic tiles. But I can’t stand to weave in hundreds of ends! I designed this construction method to allow you to crochet mini tiles and join them as you go without cutting yarn at all! Imagine the possibilities! You could take this technique and make anything from baby blankets, rugs, afghans, scarves and much more!

What you will need: 1320 yds (1207m) #4 medium, worsted weight yarn
H/8 (5mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns: Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender

Ramblin’ Rose Hairpin Lace Shawl-

Hairpin Lace is a wonderful technique of delicate stitchwork, traditionally worked in straight strips and joined evenly. I wanted to apply what I know about increases in shawls to create a new shape in hairpin lace. The increase strips manipulate how many loops you join to the adjacent strip, while the straight sections join one-to-one. Inspired by the edging on a friend’s beautiful, handmade Mexican macrame hammock, this edging creates scallops from within a mesh border.

What you will need: 650 yds (594m) #1 superfine, fingering weight yarn

E/4 (3.5mm) crochet hook
hairpin lace tool

Suggested yarnsBe So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_freia art deco cardi wrap.jpg

Coral Gables Cardi Wrap-

Inspired by the gradient yarn in Art Deco Miami colors, this project explores the variety of ways you can join strips of simple crochet: log cabin style spiral for the center back, and join as you go strips for the fronts, collar and hem. Take special care to read the notes on how to create as much color symmetry as possible while crocheting garments
in gradient yarn.

What you will need: 1290 yds (1180m) #1 superfine, fingering weight yarn

Suggested yarns: Be So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_ vashti blue motif pullover.jpg

Isle of Capri Motif Pullover-

Square motifs make beautiful garments, albeit boxy ones. To create yoke shaping in this figure-flattering pullover, I implemented triangle motifs in the raglan corners to add increases and still maintain a beautiful lace pattern. This could be easily modified to make the sleeves or body longer as well. Most square motifs are 4 repeats and can generally be modified into 3 repeats to create this triangular motif concept for shaping.

What you will need: #2 fine, sport weight yarn

Suggested yarns: Be So Bare, Be So Fresh, Be So Serene, Be So Sporty, Be So Soulful


CC_ Geisha Fan Shrug BSF Collage.jpg

Geisha Fan Petal Stitch Shrug-

The fanned, petal-like clusters in this stitch pattern are so reminiscent of geisha fans to me. The heavy texture brings body to an otherwise very light garment. Worked from the center out, each side is completely symmetrical. This is the type of shrug that could be worn over just about anything in your wardrobe to add a splash of color and pizazz. You’ll be surprised how often it becomes your goto layer.

What you will need: 650 yds (594m) #1 superfine, (fingering weight yarn)

Shown in Be So Fine Yarn color Crushed Berries

Suggested yarns: Be So Fine, Be So Lush

CC_ trendsetter teardrop pullover.jpg

Bed of Ferns Teardrop Lace Yoke Sweater-

I love the look of open lacework yokes over solid, opaque stitchwork body garments. This elongated stitch is so unusual to crochet but once you get the hang of it its really simple. The increases are cleverly placed within the spaces between the teardrop stitches for a very simple and invisible construction. The rest of the body is worked in single crochet in the round. This can easily be modified to add sleeves by just picking up the stitches around the yoke and body opening and working in the round to desired sleeve length.

What you will need: 546 - 819 yds (499 - 749m) #4 medium, worsted weight yarn

Suggested yarns: Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender


CC_ Louet pineapple vest.jpg

Monticello Meadow Cropped Pineapple Cardi-

Columns in an otherwise complicated stitch pattern allow for ease in increasing invisibly. The yoke increases are added within the columns for super easy instructions. The rest of the garment is worked even in pattern. A wonderful go-to layer that transcends seasons. Wear this beautiful lace topper in place of a vest or as a focal point accessory. Choose a color that complements your jewelry and this will become one of your favorite go-to layering accessories!

What you will need: 1260 yds (1152m) #1 superfine, fingering weight yarn
D/3 (3.25m) crochet hook

Suggested yarns: Be So Fine, Be So Lushh

Twilight Skies Pentagon Motif Yoke Cardigan-

Openwork motifs add visually stunning lace to the yoke, which frames the face beautifully. By making the motifs pentagons rather than squares, you not only add extra width at the lower edge (creating the increases required for a sweater yoke), but also give you a wonderful scalloped edge from which to continue the body of the sweater in a chevron pattern. The rest of the sweater is worked even in pattern. Buttons offer a casual closure but it can be beautifully worn open as well.

What you will need: 620 - 930 yds (567 - 850m) #4 medium (worsted weight yarn)
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns: Be So Bold, Be So Brave, Be So Tender

CC_ bruges lace fiber co pullover.jpg

Tigress Spiraling Bruges Lace Pullover-

This bruges lace piece is created by spiraling a simple strip and making concentrated joins in four strategically-placed increase points to create a
shaped yoke. The rest of the sweater is worked even in bruges lace spiral. If you are looking for a little spice in your skill set, you must give this sweater a try. So fun and such a different way to look at sweater construction! For a simpler caplet, end at the bottom of the yoke.

What you will need: 800 - 1400 yds (732 - 1317m) #2 fine, (sport weight yarn)
G/6 (4mm) crochet hook

Suggested yarns: Be So Bare, Be So Fresh, Be So Serene, Be So Sporty, Be So Soulful



From the publisher:

Make beautiful, seamless garments and accessories using basic crochet stitches and join-as-you-go techniques.

Attention, style-conscious crocheters! Are you looking to expand your handmade wardrobe with attractive, wearable projects, using eye-catching but easy-to-make construction? Look no further! In Continuous Crochet, bestselling author Kristin Omdahl has created a stunning collection of garments and accessories--seamlessly.

With Kristin's guidance, readers will learn to manipulate crochet motifs into unique garments (sweaters, cardigans, shrugs) and accessories (crochet hats, cowls, and shawls) that are as style-conscious as they are figure-flattering. And all of the pieces require minimal finishing; you can join crochet in unique and clever ways, without breaking the yarn!

These innovative crochet patterns are suitable for those who are looking for beginner crochet projects as well as larger pieces. The pieces strike the perfect balance between stunning good looks and ease of technique.

With Continuous Crochet, you'll never want to put down your yarn and hook!