New Shu Sugi Ban Color Collection of Be So Fine Yarn

This collection of hand painted, hand dyed colors of Be So Fine Yarn are inspired by the ancient wood burning technique called Shu Sugi Ban. I love how different woods react to the charring effect and thought it would be fun to add a black element to my yarn colors and create a beautiful shadow effect. In the collage photo, colors shown from left to right: Silver Shadow, Plum Shadow, Mauve Shadow, Gold Shadow, Green Shadow, Blue Shadow. I love how the black reacts differently to the other colors and blend and contrasts uniquely in each color way.


Be So Fine Yarn is 100% bamboo; #1 superfine, fingering weight yarn; Each 4oz (113g) hank is wound in to a center pull ball with 650 yards (594m). If you are looking for pattern inspiration, please choose from hundreds of my free knitting and crochet patterns HERE