Handmade Gift Guide February 2019

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There is always a reason to give a handmade gift: sometimes it is the for-no-reason-at-all gifts that we cherish the most. Here is a list of holidays throughout the month that might inspire you to surprise someone with a handmade gift:

February 2019:

4th: Stuffed Mushroom Day - try my yummy mushroom recipes here

7th: Send a Card to a Friend Day - try one of my many adorable handmade card ideas in 80 Handmade Gifts Book here

11th: White T Shirt Day - check out my crochet on fabric tshirt pattern & video here
White Shirt Day honors the men and women who participated in a sitdown strike at General Motors in 1937. These autoworkers helped the United Auto Workers (UAW) union to become the sole bargaining agent for General Motors autoworkers. The strike ended on this day in 1937.

14th: Valentine's Day: try any of my yummy dessert recipes here

19th: Chocolate Mint Day - add some mint oil to my chocolate truffle recipe in 80 Handmade Gifts Book here

20th: Cherry Pie Day - I might add dried cherries to one of my healthy energy bar snack recipes here

27th: Polar Bear Day - Embellish my crochet teddy bear videos here

March 2019:

1: National Pig Day -

3: Peach Blossom Day - shop for peach yarn here

9: Meatball Day - try my meat and meatless recipes here

26: National Spinach Day

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