Trinity Crochet Shawl Pattern Modifications

Modifications and yarn substitution can be such a fun adventure when you understand the rules enough to know when to break them! When making a top down increasing shawl, it is really easy to substitute different weight yarns because you can either stop short of the suggested number of rows, or you can continue in pattern to add more rows. This is an example of taking a shawl pattern written for #4 worsted weight yarn (Be So Tender Yarn), and modifying it for #2 sport weight yarn (Be So Sporty Yarn). I also added Be So Dazzling Yarn to the last two rows to give the pom-pom like edging even more flair!

This is the same exact Trinity Shawl Pattern, that is included bonus in the Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial except for a few minor modifications.

1. This shawl uses Be So Sporty Yarn; 100% bamboo, #2 sport weight yarn, 325 yds (297m) per 4oz (113 g). Shown in 1 ball each of Gentle Violet (color A) and Raspberry Coulis (color B)
and Be So Dazzling Yarn; 100% polyester sequin yarn; 100 yds (91.4 m) per 25g spool. Shown in 1 ball of Fuschia.

2. This shawl uses G/7 (4.5mm) crochet hook. 

3. Using a different multiple of yarn colors (2) and color stripe sequence (3) you will get a more diversified stripe pattern than if you used the same multiple of yarn colors and color stripe sequence. This shawl uses 2 colors in a 3 stripe sequence of 3rows-2rows-1row meaning it will take 6 whole stripes to create a full repeat of the pattern. You will follow the pattern exactly exactly as written, except this shawl uses the following color sequence for stripes:

Rows 1 - 3: Color A

Rows 4 - 5: Color B

Row 6: Color A

Rows 7 - 9: Color B

Rows 10 - 11: Color A

Row 12: Color B

Rows 13 - 24: Repeat rows 1 - 12 for color sequence. 

Row 25: Rep row 20 of original edging. 

Note: Row 22 of original shawl is omitted on this shawl.

All of these modification are included with the original pattern. The Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial is an amazing value of only $3.99! Including charts and written instructions to learn the treble crochet for 7 different shapes, 90 project ideas with sizes and dimensions, plus the Trinity Shawl with two yarn weight modifications!