Introduction to Knitting Course Part 2

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About Course

Introduction to Knitting Course Part 2 with Kristin Omdahl

In this online knitting course you will learn how to knit in the round with 4 separate stitch patterns; then knit step by step with me to make a knit sampler stitch cowl (every single stitch and round are shown in the videos so you can knit along with me!) And there are a few lessons on fixing mistakes in the troubleshooting section, too.

What you will learn in this knitting course:

  • Learn how to knit in the round with circular knitting needles, step by step, with helpful tips and tricks I have learned over 18 years of designing, publishing and teaching in the craft industry.
  • Learn 4 different knit stitch patterns and combine them to make a beautiful sampler stitch cowl from an exclusive knitting pattern designed specifically for this course.
  • Learn each knitting stitch pattern individually.
  • Learn how to read through the entire knit pattern, and then knit each and every stitch of the Sage Cowl Knitting Pattern side by side with me, in slow motion, so you can start, stop, repeat, and learn at your own pace.
  • Learn three blocking techniques that you can use for any knit or crochet project.
  • Learn several trouble shooting techniques for manually unraveling mistakes as well as different ways to pick up singular and multiple dropped knit stitches.

What is included in this knitting course:

  • This knit course has well over 4 hours of instructions organized into 22 lessons for easy reference.
  • This knit course includes a 28-page handout with even more information than is covered in the course! You can download the course handout immediately after purchasing the Introduction to Knitting Course Part 2.

What you will need for this knitting course:

Introduction to Knitting Part 2 has 6 chapters and 22 lessons:


Chapter 1: Yarn & Tools

Chapter 2: Knit Stitch Patterns

  • Casting on
  • Stitch markers
  • Join in the Round
  • Garter Stitch in the round
  • Stockinette Stitch in the round
  • 1×1 Rib Stitch in the round
  • Seed Stitch in the round

Chapter 3: Gauge and Blocking

  • Three Methods of blocking
  • Measuring gauge

Chapter 4: Reading A Knitting Pattern

  • How to read a pattern

Chapter 5: Sage Cowl Pattern

  • Cast on cowl
  • 1st Texture Stripe
  • 2nd Texture Stripe
  • 3rd Texture Stripe
  • 4th Texture Stripe
  • 5th Texture Stripe
  • 6th Texture Stripe
  • 7th Texture Stripe
  • Bind off and finishinig
  • Blocking cowl

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting

  • Unraveling mistakes and picking up dropped stitches

Final Thoughts

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What Will You Learn?

  • In this course, you will build upon the skills you learned in the first course. You will learn more about yarn and tools; learn more about the world of knitting patterns; compare and contrast stitch patterns flat in rows with in the round; read a knitting pattern; learn about swatching and gauge; knit a sampler stitch cowl in the round; learn about hand washing, blocking and long term care; and learn some troubleshooting techniques for fixing mistakes.

Course Content


  • Introduction

Chapter 1: Yarn & Tools

Chapter 2: Knitting Patterns

Chapter 3: Gauge & Blocking

Chapter 4: Reading Knit Pattern

Chapter 5: Making the Sage Cowl

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting

Final Thoughts

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