New Free Yarn Pattern: Pom Pom Topiary Tree by Kristin Omdahl

New Free Yarn Pattern: Pom Pom Topiary Tree by Kristin Omdahl

I’ve recently been hired freelance by a company to make a few pom pom projects. I didn’t realize how incredibly easy it is to make pom poms with the little tool you can pick up in the craft stores!

Wow! I think it takes about a minute to make each one. In comparison to crocheting or knitting flowers, that is incredibly fast! I wondered what a group of pom poms would look like on one of my topiary trees (like the crochet flower one I made last week) and the texture was really pretty.

I ended up making a second topiary tree, but with pom poms this time. It is so incredibly easy to do, that I decided to make a video tutorial instead of a written pattern. Because once you learn how to use the pom pom maker, there really isn’t much left to learn!

Step 1: make pom poms

Step 2: pin pom poms to the foam ball

Step 3: put topiary tree in a pot

Step 4: decorate the bed of the pot (you can use spanish moss found in craft or hardware stores), I have crocheted corkscrews (like in the crochet flower topiary) and for this one I took a crochet cowl I previously made and put it around the “neck” of the trunk of the topiary tree and draped it around the bed.

In an effort to think of super quick and easy gifts in time for the holidays, I will be posting all kinds of quick and easy gifts as I think of them for my gift recipients. Here is the video tutorial on the Pom Pom Topiary, followed by the video for the Crochet Flower Topiary, in case you didn’t see that one yet, either.

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