Kristin Omdahl Launches NEW LIVE Video Cooking Series: Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl Launches NEW LIVE Video Cooking Series: Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Omdahl

The Back Story of Kristin Cooking Live and on Camera

I am a foodie. I’ve been a foodie my whole life, since before I knew being a “foodie” was a thing. When I was in college, long before the Food Network began, I was in a public speaking course. One assignment was to come up with an instructional video with an intro, specific steps, and outro, and some fun commentary along the way. I called my segment the “Mediterranean Vegetarian Healthier-than-Fast-Food Sandwich”. I remember the professor videotaped our segments. How much do you think I wish I could get my hands on that clip? I was 20 years old and it was recorded on a VHS video tape recorder.

I was so incredibly excited and enthusiastic about my segment. I told people why I loved mediterranean food, why these ingredients were healthy, and systematically explained which ingredients should be next to the bread or layered with other ingredients first, to avoid making the bread soggy. Then I surprised the class with mini versions of the sandwich already prepared so they could give it a try.

I nailed the assignment, impressed my teacher, and totally thrilled the crowd with my yummy treats.

I have wanted to host my own cooking show ever since.

Prior to college, I had a career in modeling. Since college, I became a mom, then a single mom, and since then I am a 15 year veteran in the craft industry as author, designer, teacher, TV personality, yarn dyer and manufacturer, all while still being a single mom and cooking fresh foods every day.

I have thousands of hours of experience in front of the camera from the TV shows I have co-hosted as well as producing my own content for my YouTube Channel. I have dabbled in writing my own recipes and making cooking videos, and even published a book last year called “80 Handmade Gifts” that included a chapter on food recipes to give as gifts. It was so much fun for me because I have been giving food gifts at the holidays since before I even began college. Individual food gifts, baskets filled with food gifts, you name it. And to this day, I still make food gifts at the holidays or for hostess gifts.

Planning and Logistics for the Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Show

Recently I was talking with my son, Marlon, about my desire to do a livestream cooking show on my YouTube Channel. My desire was to show people how cooking REALLY happens in a REAL kitchen with the challenges that arrive in REAL TIME and answering peoples questions LIVE while I juggle making the different dishes for a meal. It isn’t perfect – that was never my intention – but it is REAL.

The biggest challenge I faced was not knowing how I would be able to answer questions LIVE in real time while cooking and prepping. I told Marlon I really needed someone to read the comments, looking for questions to read out loud to me, as I worked on the meal. He volunteered for the job! I was blown away. I knew I needed to jump on this before he changed his mind.

We launched the first episode of Cooking LIVE! with Kristin last week and Marlon had so much fun with it, that he even felt comfortable coming in front of the camera at the end to try the food. So he is the question reader AND taste tester. I couldn’t be happier to be doing this series with him. Not only are we spending quality time together, but I feel like I am teaching him how to cook, and juggle things in the kitchen, too.

I have always been interested in creatively heathy cooking. Other than treats and indulgences from time to time, Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Omdahl will be focused on creatively healthy recipes and repurposing leftovers in healthy ways most of the time.

Free Recipes from Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Omdahl Show

I follow up each episode with a written recipe for everything I make on the show. Right now we are planning on going LIVE twice a week for the show, and I will be scheduling them in advance so you can know when to join us. Or if you prefer, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and click the notifications bell to be notified every time we go LIVE!

Browse all of Kristin Omdahl’s free recipes HERE

Where to watch Cooking LIVE! with Kristin Omdahl Pre-Recorded Videos

Once the livestream is over, YouTube converts it into a recorded video. So if you can’t join us live, you can still watch the tutorial! And please feel welcome to comment and still ask your questions. I get notification of all comments and reply to them. If you would like to watch the videos on autoplay, I created a video playlist on my YouTube Channel for Cooking LIVE! with Kristin and you can watch them here. Each video’s description includes a link to the printed recipes if you would like to make the recipes, too!

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I would love to see your creations. Just as much fun as making these myself is the satisfaction I get from seeing my designs come to life and other crochet fans wearing them too. There are now 2 ways you can share what you have done!

  • Share yours by joining  Create. Share. Inspire on Facebook where you can interact with me as well as many other members who have a love of knitting and crochet just like you! It is a wonderful and safe place to share your photos of finished projects in my knitting or crochet patterns or yarns, and to see what others are making, too.
  • I have recently added a wonderful new interactive section to the website which I invite you to take part in, it has been a smashing success and such fun so far. It is the new “Share Your Project” section. You, my creators, can upload images and descriptions of your creations to share with the ever growing community! To upload simply click here. 

Additionally, I host a livestreaming podcast weekday on my YouTube Channel called Create Share Inspire Podcast. You can join the audience and even ask me questions LIVE! I often do a show and tell, or quick demo and I always interact with the live audience. It is a lot of fun!

You can browse through over 800 previously recorded episodes HERECreate Share Inspire Podcast Playlist . Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get reminders when the next episode airs LIVE.

I look forward to seeing what you create!

Kristin donates a portion of every sale to her charity Project Kristin Cares, which supports survivors of domestic violence. Learn more at 


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