I Crocheted a Blake Sampler Afghan for a Gift

I Crocheted a Blake Sampler Afghan for a Gift by Kristin Omdahl

Made by: Kristin Odahl

Pattern: Blake Sampler Afghan Crochet Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

Yarn: Be So Easy Yarn in colors Bisque and Chocolate Variegated

My son Marlon’s girlfriend moved into her own apartment recently, to be close to her new university. I asked her what I could buy her for a housewarming present. And instead of asking for kitchenware or towels, she asked if I would make her a cozy afghan. Well, what crafter can resist that? I asked her which color of Be So Easy Yarn she preferred and she said chocolate variegated.

I used the Blake Sampler Afghan pattern for the motifs. I made one of each of the 6 motifs in chocolate variegated and then made one each of the 6 motifs in bisque. I arranged the motifs in a unique pattern and joined them together with a double crochet border and slst after every 3rd stitch. Then I used a scalloped edging pattern for the afghan border, adding larger scaled scallops for the four afghan corners.

The afghan used 13 balls of yarn. 3 balls of chocolate variegated and 10 balls of bisque.

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