Kristin’s Jocasta Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern Projects featuring Be So Airy Yarn

Kristin’s Jocasta Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern Projects featuring Be So Airy Yarn

made by: Kristin Omdahl

Pattern: Jocasta Crochet Plant Hanger Pattern

Yarn: Be So Airy Yarn

SO Exciting when I can combine my love of plants with my love of yarn! This is the Jocasta crochet plant hanger pattern in Be So Airy Yarn with H/8 (5mm) hook in the new rainbow colors: candy apple red, orange, yellow, emerald green, azure blue, sapphire blue and violet. These hangers are holding the newest additions to my orchid family: several colors and varieties of special sun-loving vanda orchids. They will flower in assorted colors and some will be fragrant, too! I’ve been nursing these babies on the lanai for a few weeks to help them transition from transplant to pot and now to full sun where they belong. Aren’t they beautiful? And whether they are flowering or not, they will always be celebrated in color with these adorable handmade crochet plant hangers.

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The original Jocasta Crochet Plant Hanger pattern features Be So Easy Yarn in color Cyan. This yarn is well suited for indoor use and whips up super quick in #5 bulky weight yarn. I used Be So Airy Yarn for the outdoor plant hangers because this yarn is well suited for the harsher conditions of being outdoors.

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A portion of every sale funds Kristin’s charity Project Kristin Cares, helping people affected by domestic violence.

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