New Hobbii Yarn Unboxing for #NoShadesOfGrey Challenge

Do you also sometimes struggle to go through the dark winter months? Did you know the third Monday in January is called Blue Monday? Blue Monday is supposedly the saddest day of the year, due to a combination of bad weather, long nights, and the lingering aftermath of the festive glut. That’s why Hobbii Yarn started the #Noshadesofgrey Challenge on this date!

I have accepted the #Noshadesofgrey challenge by Hobbii, the terms of the challenge, and one of their gorgeous, brilliantly colored yarns to create festive projects to liven our spirits. And Hobbii Yarn has generously send me 6 packages of gorgeous yarn with a bonus surprise of 2 sets of stitch markers, too. I am so inspired by the color combinations in these yarns. I think they would be fabulous for so many types of color work in knitting and crochet:

  • Motifs (knit or crochet)
  • Stripes (knit or crochet)
  • modular construction
  • Intarsia, slip stitch mosaic or fair isle (knitting)
  • Mosaic, tunisian tapestry (crochet)
  • temperature projects
  • and more! the possibilities are endless.

We could make scarves, cowls, hats, bags, tops, vests, shrugs, shawls, and so much more. What would you like to see me design in these super fun yarns?

Welcome to the Hobbii Yarn #Noshadesofgrey challenge! 😍🌈

Here are the yarns I chose for the #NoShadesofGray Challenge:

  • Friends Cotton 8/8 by Hobbii Yarn is a great, strong, durable, breathable, absorbent, and lightweight natural fiber. Friends Cotton 8/8 has no less than all these characteristics and it is made out of 8 threads spun together to achieve a #3 dk weight yarn.
  • Cotton has a great stitch definition and will work amazingly well with textured stitches.
  • All the skeins come with “easy start” pull-out tab, making it much handier to find the beginning of your skein.

Hobbii Yarn also sent me some rainbow and sheep stitch markers. Aren’t they adorable?

sheep stitch markers by Hobbii Yarn

Watch the video here:

14 thoughts on “New Hobbii Yarn Unboxing for #NoShadesOfGrey Challenge

  1. Katherine says:

    I’d like a bag also…preferably in the Friends Cotton! I live in Florida also, and leather and vegan leathers all seem so heavy. A good, washable, easy, bright bag is just the project to lift my spirits!!!

  2. Jeanna Kelly says:

    Ohh what beautiful colors. Has a spring vibe. I’m thinking a traditional motif granny blanket or a log cabin granny would be beautiful ❤️

  3. Patty Law says:

    Would love to see you design a mosaic pattern of some sort. Perhaps a purse, or a throw. Nothing that would take a normal person months to complete, but a nice “slow” work. Easy repeat for a nice relaxing project that just flows and looks stunning . Not asking too much am I !

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