What Will Your Wardrobe Look Like in 2021? Let’s Get Creative! Kristin Omdahl

Trina tank top pattern knitting Kristin Omdahl

With the social climate being what it is right now and so much up in the air many of us are not going shopping and spending money on clothes the way we normally would. That leaves us with often wondering what to wear, staring at our closets in dismay at our old stuff trying to mix and match and put together new ideas out of older clothes we have already worn many times.

Buying interesting artisan and designer pieces isn’t inexpensive and lets face it often times we realize we have far more taste than money at the moment. What we would love to buy and wear and what we currently have may be two very different things.

That is where the beauty of being able to make pieces yourself comes in. You become your own fashion designer. It’s a wonderful inexpensive fun way to create outfits without the designer label cost.

Even if right now you are reading this and don’t know the very first thing about crocheting or knitting please don’t let that intimidate you. We all have learned the same way. Just taking it one stitch at a time. With good direction you may just surprise yourself.

If you go to the INFO tab on my site, it’s an all-inclusive guide to getting you started on the right track to making fabulous pieces to add to any wardrobe in short order. I have taken the time to really craft my website, so it has it all in one place. Videos on each stitch, patterns that make it simple, my own line of soft wonderful yarns of all weights and colors, and even the needles to work with.

All you need to do is follow my lead and I am there every step of the way including being available and totally interactive in my online Facebook group which you are invited to participate in. You can post up your new creations as well as ask questions of myself and other members. Create. Share. Inspire on Facebook

I also host a livestream podcast Monday through Friday on my YouTube Channel called Create Share Inspire Podcast. You can join the audience LIVE and even ask me questions LIVE.

You can browse through over 600 previously recorded episodes HERE: Create Share Inspire Podcast Playlist . Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get reminders when the next episode airs LIVE.

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