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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling new adventure? I am beyond excited to [...]


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As a passionate knitter or crocheter, you know that yarn is the foundation of every [...]

Announcing the New “Shell We Tote?” Crochet Bag Pattern

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest crochet pattern, the “Shell We Tote?” [...]

Debunking the Top 20 Myths of Learning to Crochet

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Time Blocking for Knitting and Crochet: Balancing Passion with Responsibilities

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Viola Crochet Motifs Free Pattern, Charts and Videos

Welcome to the newest crochet adventure with the Viola Crochet Motifs Free Pattern! In this [...]

Exciting News!!! and Points Reminder ❤️

Hey there, fabulous crafters! I’m bursting with excitement to share some exciting news with you [...]

The Art of Knitting and Crochet Photography: Capturing Stunning Projects

In the world of knitting and crochet, the ability to capture the beauty and intricacy [...]

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