Be So Brave yarn Chevron Knit Wristlets FREE Pattern

Be So Brave yarn Chevron Knit Wristlets FREE Pattern
by Kristin Omdahl


(1) hank Be So Brave Yarn; 100% pure American Merino Wool #4 medium; 120 yds (109m) per 2oz (56g); Colorway Huckleberry Pie
US8 (5mm) circular knitting needles
Cable needle
Yarn needle
titch marker (optional)

YouTube tutorial video: 


Stitch Abbreviations:

CO cast on; BO bind off; K knit; P purl; C6F Cable 6 Front; C6B Cable 6 Back; RS right side; WS wrong side; PM place marker; SM slip marker; M1 make one stitch

Special Stitch Instructions:

C6F: slip 3 sts to cable needle and move to front of work, knit the next 3 sts from the LH needle, knit the 3 sts from the cable needle.

C6B: slip 3 sts to cable needle and move to back of work, knit the next 3 sts from the LH needle, knit hte 3 sts from the cable needle.

M1: insert needle into the stitch below the stitch just worked, pick up and knit new loop (increase made).



WRISTLETS (make 2):

NOTE: worked in rows

CO 32 sts

Rows 1 – 6: knit across. — 32 sts

Row 7 (RS): k1, *M1, k5. Rep from * three more times, k1. — 38 sts

Row 8 (WS) and all wrong side rows: k1, purl across to last st: k1.

Row 9: knit across. — 38 sts

Row 11: k1, *C6B, C6F. Rep from * to last st: k1. — 38 sts

Row 13: knit across. — 38 sts

Rows 15 and 17: knit across. — 38 sts


Row 19: rep row 11. — 38 sts

Row 21: knit across. — 38 sts

Rows 23 – 46: rep rows 15 – 22 three more times.

Row 47: k1, *k2tog, k4. Rep from * to last st: k1. — 32 sts

Row 48: knit across. 32 sts

Rows 49 – 52: knit across. — 32 sts

BO all sts, leaving long tail.

Sew up side seam, leaving a 1.5” hole for thumb 1.5” down from BO edge, then sew remaining seam all the way to CO edge.

Weave in loose ends. Hand wash, block to finished measurements and let dry.

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